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Digital technology


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Weblord Consultant services
Our speciality is delivering elegant yet pragmatic design and sustainable change.
Professional legacy
A good understanding of your client business can be a tedious experience, requiring an investment in time and money. However, this knowledge is crucial for efficiency and productivity in any establishment. An adaptation to digital technology spanning over 2 or more decades; amongst our distinguished consultants have undoubtedly played key roles in their knowledge and beneficial incentives administered to our clients, working across different industries from Finance, Retail, Publishing, Automobile, etc including both private and public sectors.
The cores and values

Designing customer experiences and services.

Strategic focus

Experience is the currency of today’s marketplace. Customers crave memorable and personalised experiences and reward those who continually delight and innovate. 

To be an organisation that deeply influences how customers think, feel and behave with your business, you need to intimately understand who your customers are. 

We support organisations to uncover rich customer-led insights to curate and craft market leading experiences and services that cultivate loyalty.

Project Portfolio
Clear Filters
Ikeja African Market & Bakery
Rowflex Property
The Olive Grows
What we are offering to customers.


Our immersive exploration phase helps us uncover who you are, who your audience is, and who your audience thinks you are. These insights can highlight opportunities previously unseen.


Our role is to generate the conditions for success that will deliver the change for the business, its staff, its customers and its communities too.


We serves as a full stack vendor undertaking end-to-end custom web application development projects for entrenched market leaders and emerging businesses with technology at their core.


Digital marketing” is a marketing specialty that focuses on leveraging internet-based and online platforms to promote a business’s products and services digitally.
Why you should choose Weblord Consultants?
An intellectual team of digital experience specialist
Donut (Demo)

We’ve spent years studying the market and analyzing trends, all to help you in your endeavors and more invested in the success of our clients than most consultancies. We are keen on delivering value for our clients and the wider communities they serve.

Teamwork and intelligence
win championships!

Our priority is to add value beyond the initiative that we’ve been asked to design or deliver. We exist so that organisations going through major change can transform themselves. We help our clients solve big problems and navigate your digital choices

Your brand is how your audience feels about you and gives them the confidence to engage with you. Investing in your brand identity is a crucial step to developing a strong and meaningful connection with your audiences.

Our role is to generate the conditions for success that will deliver the change for the business, its staff, its customers and its communities too.
We’re different from other management consultancies because the work doesn’t revolve around us.

THERE presents a saying that “failing to plan, is planning to fail“. A
good strategic analysis is essential for your brand and digital growth.
experience shows us that this delivers change that counts: for our
clients and their customers, for us, our industry and, ultimately, the
wider world.

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